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Greenway Telehealth™

In 2020, Greenway Health recognized the need from its current and potential customers for an affordable, HIPAA-compliant virtual care solution that would allow them to maintain consistent care for their patients in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, which restricted or eliminated their ability to provide traditional in-office care. 


The goal was to design a simple, easy-to-use telehealth product to answer the growing need for virtual medical care in the face of the pandemic, when providers did not have the time and resources to learn complicated new software and patients needed consumer-friendly options. 

My Role

I was the lead designer assigned with conceiving and designing the first iteration of Greenway Health's telehealth product offering.


  • Given the rapidly changing needs of medical offices in the face of the pandemic, the urgency to  create something useful was high, and a short timeline to market was imperative.

  • This was a brand new product for the company and was designed prior to having an established design system in place.

  • The chaos of the early pandemic made it challenging to gather regular feedback from medical providers, who were in crisis management mode.



  • Met with internal stakeholders to learn about customer concerns and needs

  • Collaborated with product owners and managers to develop business rules and brainstorm features and functionality


  • Designed wireframes and clickable prototype to share with stakeholders 

  • Incorporated feedback from stakeholders and iterated on design


  • Research colleagues conducted usability testing with existing and potential clients, as well as patients, then met with me to discuss findings, after which I iterated on the designs more.


Greenway Telehealth™ went to market in October 2020 after months of intensive design collaboration. In keeping with all the company's client-centric products, the telehealth platform was tested rigorously with practitioners and patients and was met with great appreciation and accolades. The product has gone through several releases that have included numerous enhancements, and it continues to receive positive reviews from customers. 

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